Riser recliners are often our customers’ most used chair in the house – used for long periods of time and for various functions, which makes comfort paramount. After all, there’s no point having a chair with all the bells and whistles if it’s uncomfortable to sit in. That’s why our team of experts are committed to and passionate about developing contemporary riser recliners that are not just highly functional and very easy to use but also provide the finest level of comfort. We’re so confident in this that we even offer a 100% comfort guarantee!

In this blog our Occupational Therapists, Debra and Jenny, outline some of the key aspects that our experts have carefully considered in order to offer you the most comfortable and sumptuous experience.



In order to be comfortable, a chair needs to support you in all the right places. This will help you to maintain independence, improve posture and reduce the risk of any pressure or strain on your joints. There are several functions of our riser recliners that can help to support you in this way, such as the riser, NASA-inspired zero-gravity tilt in space, recline, and leg rest elevation functions.

What’s more, many of these functions can actually be adapted to suit your specific needs – and can continue to be adapted as and when your needs may change – in order to ensure that you receive maximum support and comfort. During your home visit, our product specialists can assess all of this for you, ensuring that you’re equipped with the most effective, supportive and comfortable chair with no hassle at all.


Pressure care

The type of fabric and cushions used on a chair will obviously have a huge effect on comfort, and that’s why Farborg riser recliners are crafted using only the finest quality fabrics that are durable yet soft. Our specially selected fabric allows you to fully immerse yourself into your chair for ultimate comfort, reducing the risk of pressure sores.

Our cushions are handmade here in the UK and are all lovingly designed with comfort in mind; they’re multi-layered with foam and coil springs. In addition, the waterfall cushions that make up your chair’s back rest can all be adjusted in various ways to help you find the most comfortable and supportive positioning. The standard foam cushion has been chosen for its comfort and ability to help reduce pressure areas, but equally can be replaced with an air or gel cushion to suit your specific requirements.


Double spring technology

Farborg chairs are all specially developed with two sets of springs and three layers of foam. This clever combination provides the most sumptuous comfort imaginable.



It’s also worth remembering that the size of your chair can be one of the most important factors in how comfortable you feel in it. A good fitting chair will make it easier and safer for you to get in and out of your seat, reduces the need for you to re-adjust your position or lean to one side whilst seated in your chair, and again helps to reduce the risk of pressure sores or complications. Here at Farborg, we have various styles and sizes of chair available, ensuring you’ll find the one that’s just right. You can find out more about sizing and other factors to consider when purchasing a riser recliner via our How to Choose the Perfect Riser Recliner blog.


Find out more about our 100% comfort guarantee

We are extremely confident about the comfort of our riser recliners, and that’s why we offer a comfort guarantee. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable in your Farborg riser recliner, we’ll refund you immediately.

We also actively encourage our customers to ‘try before they buy’. Our friendly and non-pushy local representatives will happily deliver and set up one of our chairs in your chosen space so that you can test everything out in the comfort of your own home. If you’d like more information about this or our comfort guarantee or you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced customer service team.

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