It can be hard to know the best way to buy a riser recliner with all the options out there: online, in-person, via a sales brochure. In this blog we’ll talk you through the options to help you understand which sales route will work best for you and help get you the right riser recliner.


Buy an imported riser recliner online

This option is often the cheapest, there are plenty of online selling platforms like Amazon, eBay, The Range, and B&Q. These chairs are typically imported from the far east and sell for a few hundred pounds, they can be the right option if you’re on a very strict budget.

But there are some significant downsides to buying your riser recliner this way. Firstly, you’re likely to receive your new chair in a box (or several boxes) left on your doorstep. Most people would struggle to unpack and set up a chair like this, let alone those of us who aren’t as strong or mobile as we once were. So please plan for help with your chair if you choose to buy this way – so many of the sellers will claim to offer a delivery and set up service but this rarely happens. If reviews are available for these cheaper riser recliners, be sure to read them first so you understand what you’re getting!

The reviews can also reveal further issues with these chairs. There are not usually any sizing options, which can cause the chair to be uncomfortable unless you’re the exact height and weight that they designed the chairs for. Particularly if you are shorter/lighter than average or taller/heavier than average you may wish to cross this option off your list altogether.

Remember the old saying, ‘If you buy cheap you buy twice’. We speak to many customers who have this dilemma, as these chairs may be cheap, but if they aren’t suitable it is still money wasted.


Buy a riser recliner from a direct sales company

We often see ads for riser recliner chairs on the TV, in magazines or newspapers, or in a brochure that’s arrived in the post. ‘Direct sales’, as we call it, used to be a very common and popular purchasing method before the internet came along. We see it less now that we’re all ‘online’, but these companies still exist, and are particularly active in selling to older adults who are perhaps less comfortable to shop online.

These companies will often offer to visit your home as they don’t have a physical showroom or shop. On the positive side, if you do need a consultation in order to find the right chair for you, then the home visit with a salesperson can really help you figure out what you need. The salesperson may well offer additional information or advice, and may have experience that will help you buy the right riser recliner.

However, we often see these companies hiding their pricing on printed literature as well as websites, if they have one. And hiding the prices should ring alarm bells for you – these companies sometimes will have a ‘starting price’ which is quite high and can be negotiated down. They may offer you ‘limited time’ discounts to push you towards signing on the dotted line or throw in extras that you don’t really need in order to justify the price. We are very against this style of pricing here at Farborg, as we believe it is highly unfair. If you don’t have the confidence or knowhow to talk them down to the ‘real’ price you end up paying above the odds, or you feel pressured into buying something that you’re not completely happy with.

The chairs may or may not be shipped into the country, it varies from place-to-place, and you may not get a chance to read reviews to see how other people are getting on with their new chairs.


Buy a riser recliner from a furniture shop / reseller

The big positive with this method of buying a riser recliner chair is that you can go to a location and actually sit in the chair, test the functionality and will probably have a chance to look at the fabric options and finishing touches in-person.

Typically, these locations offer a better overall service compared to the previous options we’ve detailed, and you’ll probably have a variety of furniture retailers, mobility shops and specialist showrooms that you can visit so you can test a variety of options.

However, because these are chairs purchased from a manufacturer, with the added margin on top that the shop needs to charge, this is often the most expensive way to buy a riser recliner chair. You may feel the price is too steep for what you’re getting. Also, because these will be made to order and shipped to the shop, there may well be a long wait for your chair to be delivered – especially if they’re manufacturing them overseas which is fairly common.


Buy a riser recliner the Farborg way

We have a long history when it comes to riser recliner chairs, we looked at various ways we could sell our chairs to people and we weren’t entirely happy with any of them. What we want is to give you all the options and none of the drawbacks – yes we love a challenge!

But because we are the designers, manufacturers, engineers, and specialists we have the option to sell you a riser recliner the right way, the Farborg way!

  • We sell online if you’re happy to purchase online, but we can also offer you a home visit if you prefer.
  • We have a showroom if you’d like to visit, but we also bring a chair to you to try out – wherever you are in the country!
  • We manufacture from scratch in the UK, and so we have complete control over the process.
  • We have very reasonable, transparent pricing, so you always know what your Farborg chair costs – there is never any upselling or pushy sales tactics because we have no salespeople!
  • You pay the manufacturer directly (that’s us!) and there’s no middleman to worry about. We build your chair to order, and it only takes a few weeks to arrive with you!
  • We offer three modern styles of riser recliner; each comes in a choice of three sizes and a choice of fifteen fabrics!
  • We are the specialists; we even have a team of occupational therapists who contribute to our chair design as well as help with our customer queries.
  • We deliver your chair to you, we will unpack it, set it up in your chosen location, set it up to suit your requirements, show you how to use it, and remove all the packaging! There is no extra cost for this service
  • We can even remove an old chair for you if you like (for a small additional fee) and donate it to charity or responsibly recycle it.
  • Our industry-leading ‘Comfort Guarantee’ provides complete peace of mind; in short, if you are unhappy with your chair in any way at all we will collect it, refund you in full, and send you flowers and chocolates by way of an apology.

We’re confident we are manufacturing the best riser recliner chairs on the market. We want you to have the best experience buying your riser recliner chair, so if online direct sales or from a shop suits you then that’s great. But if you’d like to try the Farborg way we’d love to meet you and get you sitting comfortably!

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