Home visits

Farborg’s industry-leading comfort guarantee means you can be totally confident in buying your chair safe in the knowledge that if you are not 100% happy, you can return it for a full no-quibble refund. 

However if you are not quite sure, you can ask one of our friendly Product Specialists to visit you to try your favourite chair in the comfort of your own home.

Book a home visit

The purpose of the home visit is to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your chair before committing to the purchase.

Our Product Specialists are not sales people and you won’t be put under any pressure! They are fully insured and will take care that everything is left exactly as it was when they arrived.

If you’d like one of our specialist team to visit you to help you choose the right chair and the best spot in your house for your new chair, please complete the form below. 

We will contact you by your chosen method to arrange a suitable time for your home visit.

What happens on a home visit?

Home visits are designed around your needs. So whether you need our advice on the best product for you, the location of your chair, or even the styling of your chair, we’re here to help.

Our Product Specialists are specially trained by our team of Occupational Therapists to fully understand the science behind healthy and comfortable seating. They’re capable of recommending a chair for you based on your unique set of requirements.

You can even try before you buy – yes that’s right, we can bring a chair with us so you can experience Farborg comfort in your own environment before committing to the purchase.

If you decide a Farborg chair is right for you, you can order it there and then, and it will arrive – custom built by us for you – within 3-4 weeks.