Our stylish riser recliner chairs enable our customers to feel comfortable and maintain their independence, without having to compromise on character, quality or style.

Yet as well as being extremely comfortable, relaxing and sumptuous, Our riser recliners can be purchased VAT free if the consumer meets the requirements below. Continue reading to find out more about the eligibility criteria and how you can purchase your luxurious Farborg chair VAT-free.


Who can claim VAT relief?

Chronically sick or disabled customers can purchase riser recliner chairs VAT-free if they meet certain criteria. According to HMRC, you must have the following:

  • a “physical or mental impairment which has a long term and substantial adverse effect on your ability to carry out everyday activities”
  • a “condition that the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness (that’s a long term health condition)”

Unfortunately customers with temporary conditions (such as a broken bone) will not qualify.  The chair must also be for your own personal use. You can find out more information about the VAT exemptions available for chronically sick or disabled people via the HMRC website. If you’re unsure whether you qualify, it’s recommended that you consult your doctor; you can also call our friendly customer service team who will be able to help you. Though it’s worth noting that the vast majority of our customers do indeed qualify for VAT exemption; as a rule of thumb, if you expect you will require help getting out of your chair for the foreseeable future then you’ll qualify.


How do I claim my VAT-free purchase?

If you’re eligible to claim VAT relief, you’ll need to declare this when purchasing your riser recliner chair – our website will guide you through this process easily and efficiently. We display the VAT-free price on our products since the vast majority will be purchased VAT-Free, then in our online checkout we just require you to click a box to declare that you are buying our product as a medical device – it’s that simple. Carers, guardians or spouses can complete this declaration on an individual’s behalf too.


Browse through our selection of riser recliner chairs

We currently have three different types of fashionable yet relaxing riser recliner chairs for you to choose from – all of which can be completely customised, with 45 different options in terms of sizing and fabric designs. This means you can find the perfect chair that not only gives you confidence, support and independence, but also complements your living space too. You can learn more about us and our stunning riser recliner chairs via our website, you can request a brochure and fabric samples to be posted to you, or even book in a home visit with our team to discuss your requirements.

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