Sustainability and reducing our environmental impact is at the heart of everything we do. We specifically design our products to have the lowest environmental impact possible and because we design, develop and manufacture our products ourselves, we’re able to identify and implement any improvements quickly and effectively.

Here are some of the key considerations that make our riser recliner chairs so sustainable.


Our materials and chair manufacture

Did you know our chairs are made in the UK? Many manufacturers of riser recliner chairs and other bulky furniture cut their own costs and have products manufactured overseas and shipped into the UK.

We wanted to do it differently, we’ve been in the UK-manufacturing game since 1920, and we love that manufacturing in the UK helps to promote British jobs as well as reducing the carbon footprint of our products. We use steel from Wales, and regionally sourced timber and fillings for our chairs.


Modular and configurable design

The materials that we use for our riser recliner chairs are selected for their quality and durability; not just to provide ultimate comfort and luxury, but also to maximise the chair’s lifespan. Our chairs are also modular and configurable, which helps to further increase the lifespan of the chair and minimise the risk of it being scrapped. If there is a problem with part of a chair we manufacture, we can repair the part rather than having to scrap the chair altogether.

And because the chair can be configured, it means that it can be adapted to suit your changing needs, rather than you having to buy a different chair; if your requirements change, your chair can change with you.

In addition, our comprehensive service means that our technicians are always on hand to help with any problems. Our riser recliner chairs have been specially developed so that spares and accessories can be easily accessed, and your chair can be repaired; therefore further minimising the need for our chairs to be discarded.


Reduced packaging

Packaging is an important aspect in reducing waste and environmental impact, and that’s why we’ve put several initiatives in place to reduce our product packaging as much as possible. We comply with the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and the Plastic Tax Regulation and ensure that all of our products use the least amount of packaging and, wherever possible, single use plastic is replaced with either cardboard or recycled products. All packaging used to deliver your chair to your home will be taken away with us and recycled whenever appropriate.


Sustainable transportation

Being fuel efficient and minimising our company’s carbon emissions and carbon footprint is another initiative we’ve put in place. We aim to reduce long-distance transportation as much as possible, manufacturing our products closer to home and holding products in a centrally located warehouse.

Our vehicles also include hybrid and electric cars and we use special scheduling software to ensure that delivery routes are planned as efficiently and as economically as possible, yet without compromising on our fast nationwide delivery service.


End-of-life recycling

When we design our products, we don’t just think about its current use: we think about its overall life cycle. Because of this, we ensure that our riser recliners are easily dismantled and can be recycled when they are no longer useful. Where applicable, their steel frame can be sent for recycling, any electrical parts are disposed of in accordance with Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations (and can be returned to us for free disposal) and any timber or fabric can be sent for recycling too. Where possible, we aim to use local approved facilities for recycling in order to help support local businesses.

We also have an additional chair removal service available when purchasing your Farborg riser recliner – we’ll happily arrange to collect your old chair and either recycle it or donate it to the British Heart Foundation.


Find out more about us

We’re always looking to improve our sustainability, in terms of our products, practices and working locations. If you’d like to learn more about us, our riser recliners or our sustainability goals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team.

You can also find out more about our riser recliner chairs via our blog Why Buy a Farborg Riser Recliner?  Alternatively, please feel free to glance through our selection of chairs and fabric designs via our online shop. You can also request fabric samples or a brochure.


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